Smart Homes

Smart Homes

Enhance Your Lifestyle With The Latest Technology

Technology should entertain you, keep you comfortable, save energy, protect you and give you more free time for the things that matter.

Enhance your lifestyle with the latest home control technology. If you are looking for more than a house full of high tech gear, we will help you. Home Gadgets will tie it all together in a completely integrated solution that is intuitive and convenient. Home Gadgets provides advanced energy management, lighting, audio, video, and security all rolled into one easy to use system for the ultimate in comfort, convenience, efficiency, and security. We make advanced home technology – the smart home – practical and simple to use.

Home automation has gone beyond audio video automation to include automation and control of lighting systems, heating and air conditioning systems, window coverings, pools and landscape irrigation. Every light, appliance and device in your home can be at your command through your smart phone, computer or other dedicated device. Concerns over excessive energy usage at home and wondering whether or not you closed the garage door are forever banished with a home automation system.

Integration of the different systems in your home such as Audio, Video, Lighting, HVAC, Window coverings/ shades allows control over multiple systems at the touch of a single button. Home automation and home control provide efficiencies around energy usage, including the ability to control systems from inside the home or remotely, or based off detected conditions within the home. Smart home technologies are becoming more widely available, easier to use, and are accessible at any budget.

Imagine the luxury of waking up gently to your favorite music playing, your blinds gradually opening to let the in morning sun over a set period of time, and in the kitchen your coffee begins brewing. When leaving the home, with the push of a single button you can turn off certain systems and turn down others. When away, you can set the lights to turn on and off in random patterns, suggesting someone is home. Plus, a system can be set up to contact you when an event happens (e.g. if there is a leak detected by installed sensors, an email or text can be sent notifying you or if your children sneak in or out).

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